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Nov 7, 2012 4:00am EST
warren beat the incumbent scott brown. in indiana, congressman joe donnelly beat the controversial richard mourdock. congress remains divides republicans maintain their control over the house of representatives. romney's running mate paul ryan won his re-election campaign for his house seat. >> joining us for more analysis is ron freeman. ron, good morning. >> good morning, kelly. >> ron, what's your initial reaction here to the outcome? what's the biggest impact this is going to have on policy? >> i think the biggest impact it will have on policy is we have a president we know well. we know what his policies are. we know what he's tried to do. the real question is whether the congress will see that the negation approach has not worked for them and they need now to come together to a grand bargain as they face the imminent fiscal cliff, even during the lame duck congress. >> i thought for at least this morning we could put the uncertainty question out of our minds. haven't all of our problems been solved? shouldn't we know that everyone's going to come together in the bipartisan sp
Nov 27, 2012 4:00am EST
brown boot camp as a model. it's not for everyone. but that means the drivers who do make it through are more than ready for the holiday rush. krist chr kristen you tod kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >> i'm surprised they have to go to that extent, but it makes sense. sgle . >> every second counts. cyber shopping is so important. does it change at all the nature of holiday sales or is the point really just how much consumers are spending, period? >> there seems to be some structural shifts. it seems sales are starting earlier every year, creeping in to thanksgiving and more is being done online. this is very important for each retailer and equity analysts, but from a macroeconomic point of view, it's not actually that relevant. there is very little relationship between what happens on black friday or cyber monday and how the whole holiday shopping season goes. it's a myth that if it's good black friday, you get a great holiday season. but that isn't actually the case and arguably it goes the other way p i think that what happens is households have a fixed set amount of cash, either they
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2